Our Mission

The world entered another turning point with the Ukraine-Russia war. After this war, the doors of a new design in the world will open. Already after the economic crisis, a great food crisis awaits the world. The world countries will face great difficulties both in production and consumption. All these developments gave us the ideas to implement a new concept. This new concept we call it “Technical Knowledge and Experience Brotherhood”. This new concept was to gather independent working groups under a single roof. So we did. The personal of these groups worked in international and national companies such AEG, Hartmann&Braun, Dr.Thiedig, Petkim, Siemens, Sigrist, Topkapı Şişe Cam, etc. They have extensive work experience. We started to carry out project, production, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales services under the management of expert engineers.

Our target audience is our industrialist who want to increase the quality of production with expert engineering service instead of cheap labor force. The products we sell are high-quality and high precision products of world-leading companies selected in line with the principle of sell and earn instead of sell and make money.

Our production is oil treatment plants, oil regeneration plants, vacuum pumps, fine filter cartridge, Explore machines.