General Manager Haluk H. Ongar

Haluk H. Ongar

Haluk Ongar established his own company ONGAR ENGINEERING in February 2021 in order to evaluate the experience he gained since 1984.

Haluk Ongar has worked for 37 years for representations of world leader foreign companies in Turkey since 1984 with success. During the years he worked also at the biggest companies of the world like AEG and Siemens. His first working field was “Measuring and Control Systems and Gas Analysis” at the German company Hartman und Braun (H&B). The main location of H&B was in Frankfurt am Main (FFM), Gräfstraβe 69. Since the “measuring and control systems and Gas Analysis systems” are applied in almost all branches of industry, Haluk Ongar was active for all branches of industry except textile.

He took an active role for measuring and control systems while working at AEG and Siemens.

On his working day at Siemens AG, he travelled to the cement factory SÖKE and solved the O2-measuring problem on the flue gas analysis system and received praise from the top management of SÖKE cement factory.

He worked as consultant for the last years in the field of transformer and motor production. His main area was VPI/VI impregnation systems and test equipment systems for electrical losses.

In addition to this, he also signed projects. There were three projects which he leads in the last years. The first of these is the installation and commissioning of an MPG200 electrical loss test system in Arçelik WAT motor factory and the training of this system with the support of the German company BROCHKAUS MESSTECHNIK.

The second project was the VPI system of the Italian company METECH in the same factory, Arçelik WAT Motor. The installation, commissioning and training was carried out in cooperation with Arçelik WAT- METECH- Haluk Ongar team. In this VPI system we used resins of ELENTAS production. Resin and VPI system compatibility has been achieved by working in coordination with ELENTAS company team, to get a perfect solution of the system against ELENTAS resin.

The third project is the most comprehensive. FAT and SAT processes of 14 oil treatment plants sold to TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission AG) through the company Armaksa.

After FAT and SAT the training of these 14 plants is the next step.

The first training of the first 4 plants was given by the manufacturer, where Haluk Ongar leads the translation to the TEİAŞ teams. The other 3 training were given by Haluk Ongar in TEİAŞ distribution fields in Antalya - Varsak, İstanbul - Ümraniye and Van.

Haluk Ongar, in addition to having an advanced command of German and English languages, has been in contact with European countries for nearly 50 years, both in education, business and social level, so he can establish seamless connections with European countries, manufacturers and European people. With this feature, it can easily establish healthy relations with European companies in his business life of nearly 40 years. This brings additional advantages to the European companies, too.

In additional to these, he had extensive experience in after-sales service by working as a service manager in the printing industry. He uses this experience in detecting and solving problems in electrical loss test equipment and oil treatment plants. We can yes, this additional Haluk Ongar facilities helps to the foreign companies after sales, to support the customers on after - sales service, which brings trust and customer satisfaction.

ONGAR ENGENIEERING is looking for helping the foreign companies, which have interest to make sales in Türkiye.